Default Profile by DennisT and by Default Avatar by Santiago Dimattia
#1 11-12-2013 
Hi Lee,
I would like to ask you if "Default Profile" by Dennis is safe and if is ok install it on mybb 1.6:

So I could add also signature default, if a user doesn't add it.

I'm using "Default Avatar" by Santiago for now:

I'm afraid of uninstall default avatar and install default profile Big Grin

Thank you in advance

#2 11-12-2013 
Well, I use dennis's Default Profile here on leefish. With some tweaks Tongue I dont have default avatar plugin, but the edit i made gives all users a default avatar.

#3 11-12-2013 
Thank you Lee, then I'll try..I hope well.

I'm trying to filter threads by expiration date.

For now I have this: ?filtertf_month=Dicembre&sortby=day&order=desc

-> ?filtertf_month=Dicembre is month of expiration and it's ok, but I have all the disordered threads, for example I have one that expires on 15/12 and then immediately after another that expires on 11/12, in the middle threads with expiration 31/12, 24/12, 13/12 etc.
I wish were sorted by month and then by expiration day: 11/12, then 12/12, then 13/12, 15/12, 24/12, 25/12..and so on until 31/12.

-> so I tried with &sortby=day but nothing, threads are sorted always as "lastposter" Sad Custom Thread Fields of day of expiration is "day"..I tried also with &sortby=filtertf_day but nothing Sad

-> &order=desc this is the only thing that now works well Big Grin

Help me please Sad but why to me it does not work anything? Dodgy

Very Big Edit: works!! it was tf_day o_O I write it here so I can remember in future Big Grin 3 hours and then it was only "tf" Sad


Sorry, that is a members only option