Good Evening~
#1 12-12-2013 
I'm xLolitaScorned, aka xDemoiselleGothique aka Kristy.
I'm a 15-year old with Autism, and I enjoy gaming greatly.
I'm a huge Potterhead, like to draw, read, and write.
Drarry is my OTP.
I'm from the Netherlands c:
My favourite games are the Uncharted series, GTA IV & V, TES IV: Oblivion, the Pokémon games, the Sims 2 games and a lot more!
I have 3 cats, Bacon, Missy and Silly, and a dog named Droppie.
There isn't much more to say, so bye-bye.

#2 12-12-2013 
Hi, I'm Ginnie, and I do the Sims updates postings. We've been to the Netherlands, which we quite enjoyed. Welcome to the site.

#3 12-12-2013 
Hello and welcome to Leefish Smile
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#4 12-12-2013 
Welcome Kristy Smile

#5 12-12-2013 
wave G'Day and welcome to Leefish
You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.

#6 13-12-2013 
[Image: welcome.gif]

Hi Kristy - nice to meet you.

#7 13-12-2013 
Hello! Welcome to Leefish *^___^*

#8 13-12-2013 
More Dutchies - its an invasion!!!

#9 13-12-2013 
Thanks everyone!
leefish - I know, right? I love your work on the Dahlen bookcases c: I've been using them ever since I discovered custom content, since the Dahlen bookcases were already my favourite, but when I discovered your work on them I was even more smitten with them. So, thank you! c:

#10 13-12-2013 
Hi Kristy, welcome to Leefish! Glad you got your graphics issues fixed Smile

@leefish : we will take over the world one sims community after the other Big Grin


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