Where is the Santa Hat??
#1 22-12-2013 
I'm trying to make an accessory version of the Maxis Santa hat so it can be worn with any hair. Trouble is, I cannot find the GMDC for the dang thing. SimPE says the mesh parts are missing, and when I go looking in the Sims03.package where it should be, I cannot find it either. Anyone have any idea where to look? I know there's one or two other santa hat accessories out there but I like the Maxis hat best.

It's also possible someone else might have already done this project. If so, please enlighten me. Big Grin

#2 22-12-2013 
Is this the hat already done? http://modthesims.info/d/188038

#3 22-12-2013 
That's one of the other versions out there. It's different from the Maxis one. I wanted the Maxis one, but gosh this is tricky. Perhaps that's why it's not already made. Sad

But thanks for looking, jo.

#4 22-12-2013 
Shouldn't this hat be in the Holiday Party Pack?

#5 22-12-2013 
Yes, BO. It's a hair from the Holiday Pack. I was trying to turn it into an accessory.

#6 22-12-2013 
I understand what your plan was, Fansee. I just thought I'd mention it, because if I recall correctly, there's a special package somewhere in the Sims2 directory for the Holiday Pack. It might have been installed in a subdirectory of the Basegame.

It's possible that this pack needs to be marked active in SimPE, before the mesh can be found.

But for all we know, you had figured all that out already... In which case I apologize for being Captain Obvious. Smile


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