• Genre: Puzzle
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Review Type: Game Review
A dinky little game Little Alchemy

Basically, you combine different elements together and make new elements. You start with 4 elements - Water, Fire, Earth and Air.
To combine you drag the elements from the RHS, and combine it on your main spot by putting one on top of the other. If they are a valid combination, they form a new element, and it gets added to your RHS element list.

There are 450 combinations to discover.

A simple one is Water + Fire = Steam.
A more complex one is Human + House = Family.

This game is amazingly addictive. How many elements can you discover?

#2 01-01-2014
Oh, that is so much fun! Thanks for the tip, Kiri Heart

I made an atom bomb, dynamite, electricity... I've rushed up to 53 elements so far Wink
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#3 01-01-2014
Well Done BO!

I haven't done electricity yet, but I have made time Smile


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