"The forum is too busy, please try again later." error
#1 08-01-2014 
Lee, I was editing forum on new server, the latest things and plugins. Go to the forum to check and I have this error: "The forum is too busy, please try again later."

Even new hosting has problems?? Rofl

Admin pages are ok, no errors.

No sorry, it's a problem with miserable user plugin, I have activated it but it's crazy

#2 08-01-2014 
You have that many miserable users? Have you set the usergroups correctly?

#3 08-01-2014 
No, I have activated this plugin only on new hosting, to test it (only 1 user, me Big Grin ). I have activated plugin in Plugin Admin but in Settings it was on Off, and there wasn't number of usergroup.

I'll activate it when new forum is ok Big Grin

#4 08-01-2014 
Ok, miserable user uninstalled for now Sad

Deactivated even Google SEO and links are good..maybe I will not activate it again Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option