Slotted Mirrors
#1 09-01-2014 
Hi, just a follow up to mustluvcatz and leefish concerning an issue I posted on my Simblr. If anyone has the answer or suggestions, please feel free to chip in. I should preface this by saying I used HugeLunatic's tutorial to try to create the slot, but it did not work.

Issue#1: I have made a set of mirrors having problems with adding slots to mirrors. I'm not sure whether it is because my STR is labelled as Bones rather than Model - Bones. Should I change this?

EDIT: apparently it does not matter whether it is Bones or Model - Bones. Both still require the moveobjects on cheat to be placed. Is there any way to not require moveobjects on and to have the item snap into the slot like normal slot files? I'm guessing this requires a bhav expression, but I don't know where I should look.

Issue#2: Also, mirror frames and mirrors have rather extreme offsets, would it be okay to remove the offsets entirely, so that I don't have to keep testing for reflection shifts?
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#1- I've never ran into that problem personally. Objects that sit on the ground instead of sitting on the slot? Yes. (And turning moveobjects on didn't help any.) I'm wondering if you've got the I7 value in the SLOT right- 8 is for decorative objects and will work for most objects. Did you add the BHAV for the support strength to the init BHAV? If you want, I can take a look at it for you.

#2- Why would the reflection shift? Is the slot/slots messing with that? (Hmmm. Now that I think about it, I added a mirror to a table with slots and the slots MAY have messed with the reflection. My memory is a bit rusty but I know I had to tweak the mirror part a time or two.)

The post by Moune might help you with the slots. (I keep forgetting about her post and that's how I learned to add slots to meshes that don't have the slot resources to begin with!) If that doesn't help you, the offer to look at your mesh still stands. Smile

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Thanks for your reply. I am uploading a copy of the mirror now, and will pm leefish and you the link if need be. Here is a screenshot of an unedited maxis mirror and how the meshes are offset as well as the Joint 1 CRES offset information:

The frame and mirror mesh are in separate positions

The joint1 offset matches them up, but makes for tedious cloning efforts since it requires shifting the mirror in decimal shifts and testing it in the game multiple times Slap Can I keep my frames and mirrors mesh in the same position and remove this offset without borking the mirror interactions?

I can get the slots to position correctly by subtracting offset from the Z translation, otherwise they will start from the middle of the reflection. The I7 value is set at 8 and the BHAV support strength is set. But without moveobjects on, I cannot place the item. I will check out moune's post now and try again.

Again, if you don't mind I will definitely take both you and leefish up on the offer to examine the mesh if I still can't resolve this.
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It sounds like the bounding box.

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There is a bounding box. This is my first time working directly with bounding boxes, so I don't know anything about them @___@;; Can I remove the bounding box and the offset? I'm worried about the mirror interaction animations and natural placements being borked if I change anything, but lining up every mirror with its frame seems needlessly drudging.

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try this - (might work) - import JUST the mirror bit, and save. Then import the frame. Then see if it works with the slot.

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Nanashi, if you add a support BHAV that should do the trick in regards to the slots. I didn't see your package to work on put here's a sample package where I added a slot so you can see. Mirrors and the bounding boxes for the reflections are a PITA and I haven't figured that out besides trial and error like you're doing right now so I can't help with that.

Besides the normal slot stuff I added a support BHAV:
[prim 0x0002] 1C000300FF050307020006FD2A000900

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* mustluvcatz stops working on test mirror Big Grin

Well, she did say she added the support BHAV. Your support BHAV is different though? 3, not 5? I've always gone by the example Moune gave, which is 5.

But yeah- Nanashi, I wouldn't get rid of the bounding box (the bounding box mesh, which is different than the bounding box that you can clear if you can't grab on object).

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I'm sorry, MLC, I didn't know you were working on it. I don't know about Mourn's tutorial I just look at what Maxis does for most of my BHAVs. I'm guessing 5 might be max support strength? 3 works for all of the things you'd expect to put on a shelf.

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Don't be sorry- you didn't know, lol.


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