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Flower I wandered into this fish pond after someone kindly suggested that I come here to reel in two of Boiling OIl's Sims2 mods. Not sure what to say.., I am a greatgrandmother who will ever be young at heart. I disocvered The Sims 2 several years ago while looking for SIms 1 ( after being gifted my very own PC!) and have been hooked ever since. I enjoy the game play and the game's story telling and endless creative possibilities.

I used to be farily active on the late great EA sims2 BBS where my screen name ( goodness sakes!..sounds like a motion picture star!) was also pattyheart.

My other interests..pastimes..are reading, water color and oil painting, pencil portraits, gardening, arm-chair traveling and creative writing. Each day I hope to learn at least one something new.
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Welcome to Leefish! This really is a nice little pond. Smile

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Hallo there - welcome to leefish. Several other leefishers like to write their own stories - and read others too. I hope you enjoy your time here, most of us don't bite.

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Hello Patty, welcome to Leefish Smile
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wave G'Day Patty, welcome to Leefish.
You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.

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Hello PattyHeart! Welcome to Leefish. This is a wonderful community and I'm sure you'll be right at home here Smile

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Hi Patty Smile

I have fond memories of the BBS and you! I was AlabasterVerve on the forums and I always enjoyed your lots and especially your stories. Leefish is a wonderful, friendly community and I know you'll fit right in. Welcome. :flower:
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Velcome. I'm one of the ones that bite. Very nice to meet you. vamp

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Thank you each and all for the welcome. It will take me a while to learn my way around here. The like hearts do confuse me. I may not click on these correctly, however, I do like all of the replies. What does a broken heart symbol signify?

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(13-01-2014 06:00 AM)PattyHeart Wrote:  What does a broken heart symbol signify?
That just means you have already clicked the like button. Smile
You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.


Sorry, that is a members only option