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#1 16-01-2014 
So, I know way too little about computers and operating systems and I might be a little late to the party. My desktop PC with shiny new graphics card is still running on Windows XP and I quite like to keep it that way. That is, until I started listening to those rumours about Microsoft not supporting XP anymore and now I'm looking for some advice on the best way to go from here. Microsoft is suggesting I either go and buy Windows 8.1 or a new pc, which both seem silly suggestions to me. It's quite an entertaining read but not very useful. What are my actual options?
I use my desktop for TS2, SimPE etc and a couple of older computer games that I imagine won't run very well on newer OS. Is the best option to update and unplug the internet before the end of april? Thanks for your help Smile
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#2 16-01-2014 
Do you have ways of being connected to the internet apart from your desktop PC? If so - I'd go with your last option. That's what I'm doing kind-of.

From a TS2 point of view it's pretty hit-and-miss to update to Windows 8.1 - some can run it, some can't. So avoiding updating your O/S if you are mostly a Sims player on your desktop. I'm on Windows 7 which seems to be ok. And getting a new PC is just silly.

#3 16-01-2014 
Thanks for the reply kiri Smile Yes, I do have other options for internet connection, so that should be fine, other than being a PITA. Not a big fan of running around with memory sticks Big Grin So it is true then, what they claim, that your pc is more at risk for viruses etc? I guess I'm looking for the downsides that keeping XP would have... There must be a catch somewhere!

#4 16-01-2014 
Hubby is keeping his main PC with XP; and taking it offline. He has several music programs (writing, recording, etc) that he has spent years tweaking and getting exactly where he wants them to be. He doesn't want to mess with a new OS. He thinks if he takes it offline - completely, and never to connect again - he will be safe. I hope so! Yes, he has a newer netbook that he'll use for on-line stuffeths.

I would think if your PC is running TS2 the way you want it - I wouldn't change a thing! Good luck! Wink
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#5 17-01-2014 
Thanks for the reply Catherine, its good to hear what others are doing to work around this issue Smile

#6 20-01-2014 
This is my plan (on Windows 7, but you can apply it to XP.) I plan to eventually migrate to Linux but keep it dual-boot with Windows 7. Everything I can run in WINE, I will. Everything I still need Windows for, I will still have it, but I'll take it offline when Microsoft pulls the plug on it. So, if anything, upgrade your HD or SSD so that you have enough space to install Mint Linux, Ubuntu, or your distro of choice (for free) alongside Windows XP.


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