For BO - my HCDU reports
#11 22-01-2014 
Well... I was able to play Celebrate and I didn't crash! And, yes, the men pee'd like men should. Rolleyes I will go ahead and take Squinge's hack out. If I don't need it, I don't want it.

I played Lothario through a day, and the Dreamers through another whole day. It was mostly uneventful. Someone stole Don's newspaper while he was at work, and young Mr. Dreamer failed to get dressed after his shower. Huh So, either I'm missing the clothing texture or I have a weird hack... I thought I had a hack that made them put on a towel after they showered - maybe not. I'll have to check into that.

Then I did some work on the furniture store I'm rebuilding... I couldn't help it. I had to build a little bit. LOL! I also went into CAP to sim my big black boy cat. Big Grin All in all, a most enjoyable evening!

One last question for you Angel Did you make - or do you happen to know of - any mods/hacks that combine/improve on any of the hacks I'm using? I'll have to take a trip through your grease-pit and see what I've missed! I am all for consolidating and combining. I'm thinking I still have a few duplicate actions going on - and probably some 'corrections' to game behaviors that really aren't an issue (ie: the pee thing) Shoot, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find I have a hack that corrected a supposed game behavior, and another hack to correct it back to the way Maxis programmed it. Slap

G'nite! I'm goin' to sleep. Thank YOU!!! I had fun tonight! YAY!
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I'm glad you're having fun playing, Cat .Even if you can't stay away from building entirely. Just relax and have fun. That's what this game is for.

Now to your question. As long as I don't know all mods and hacks you have, it's absolutely impossible to suggest/recommend better alternatives. And it's hard - if not impossible - to know what all mods and hacks you have, unless you list ALL of them. But really, I don't WANT a list of all your mods, because such long lists are extremely tedious, very dull reading.

But the following I *do* know: your combo of Mog's Simply-Leftovers with my Food Dish Autonomy is the best combo for food/leftover related issues, and complementing Pescado's phonehack with my Phone Make-over was also a smart thing to do. You also got a great combo such as CJ's PracticePerformanceChanges and my Music & Dance fixes. You also took my Feed Baby mod over Squinge's and you added my BNS - No Feeding mod, so I think you're already making good choices. And if two mods work against each other, they will produce a conflict and be shown in HCDU's Hackreport. If mods don't get reported there, you often need not worry about them.

i would, however, indeed recommend that you read through my list of mods to see if you missed anything. Checking out Cyjon's site on occasion is also a recommended exercise. You already picked up my No Trash Memories, so I suspect you've also got No Sim Loaded in your arsenal. If not, I would advise you to look into that. And in case you ever need a mod to allow more than eight sims per household, get my Unlimited Sims mod.

But in general, I'd just say that you're doing quite well on your own. Just remember to run an HCDU check after adding new mods/hacks, to see if the new stuff causes trouble. And make sure that after adding/removing stuff you ALWAYS delete the groups.cache file. You'll be fine. But if you're not, I'm still here to help Wink


#13 24-01-2014 
Hiya BO
In case you didn't see me sliding through your Grease Pit today - I was there! And whoo-weee it was fun! Big Grin So, I got a bunch of shiny new thing-a-ma-jiggers, and ran the HCDU.
And now I'm full of possible problems again... 73 of 'em, I think. I'm hoping most of them can be resolved by deleting on of Pez's hacks. Would you mind taking another look at it for me? Angel

I think I can delete:
No Allergies

Right? Any others?
Thank you SOOOOO much! I saw a few things in my game last night that I've never experienced before - and I think it's all because you helped me clean out my conflicts.
Thank YOU!

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Ah, well... there is that
So, you know the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

#14 24-01-2014 
Sure I'll take a look, Cat. It's my pleasure Smile

Yup, you have spotted those well. But I think I've seen a few more that you could get rid of: namely the sshack and the rpshack, both by Pescado.
Also, I saw you have two mods to adjust TV-watching: One by MogHughson and one by Squinge. I think you really need only one of them.

I must say I'm impressed with the selection of my mods that you've been adding to your game. There's a lot of gems in it that I am particularly proud of Big Grin
I'm really thrilled that you're having such a lot of fun playing with my mods :yay:

Finally, since you've installed Alien Experiments and the P4A - Alien Trigger Override, I suggest that if you haven't done so yet, you should also consider installing my Reward Catalog and Unlimited Sims.

#15 24-01-2014 
Both are in there already Big Grin - and NOT conflicting with anything! Now I gotta get a spaceship interested. Yay!

Thank you!
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Time flies like an arrow ~ fruit flies like a banana
Ah, well... there is that
So, you know the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

#16 24-01-2014 
You're most welcome, Cat.

Indeed, those two do never conflict with anything. I made a lot of effort to keep the number of conflicts as low as possible.I tried to do that with all mods I created. Smile

If you get a knowledge sim to fill their Primary Aspiration benefits to maximum, that sim can then try to attract the aliens' attention at the telescope and be abducted. All kinds of funny stuff can then happen to them as a result of Alien Experiments. I had so much fun designing that one... Even now, just reading the description of that mod still makes me giggle. Big Grin

#17 24-01-2014 
Reading this thread with interest, now I'm looking at my own hack folder for conflicting and obsolete mods.

. . . and I think I just figured out why Cyjon's fragile permaplat hasn't been working for me, and how to fix it!

here's a conflict I have to ask about:

File Type: TTAB
Group ID: 0x7F441294
Instance ID: 0x00000081
Packages Containing This Menu File:

I'm thinking that TTAB is about advertising and autonomy and I probably don't even care about this, right? These two hacks are not likely to be trying to operate at the same time on the same sims, are they?

And another one:

File Type: BHAV
Procedure Name: Interaction - Sleep - User Directed - TEST
Group ID: 0x7F4437F2
Instance ID: 0x00002001
Packages Containing This Procedure:
\downloads\hackity\Smart Beds.package

I don't even remember who made Smart Beds or what it does. There's a second detection that's identical except the Instance ID is 0x0000209B.
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If you're interested in getting some help/suggestions/pointers, ritaxis, you're welcome to start your own thread in this section where you upload your HCDU reports for me to examine Smile I'll gladly do what I can to help Big Grin

Also edit:

And then you come back later, and don't read my response to your comment. In stead you EDIT your comment, as if I had not yet responded!
If I had not - just for the heck of it - started to reread this thread, I would not have know that you had a question! If you expect an answer, this was not a very clever thing to do.

Anyway, for what it's worth, is here my response:

TTAB is not *specifically* about advertising, although that is a part of it. TTAB is actually a resource that is used to fill pie menus with interactions that you can choose. It contains the strings and the conditions under which those strings may be used. In the presented case, I *think* it may be safe to leave that the way it is, but it *is* possible that, as a result of the last loaded TTAB, new menu options introduced in the Inteen TTAB may not be available to you. If that is the case, you should not use that mod together with Inteen.

Smart Beds is by TwoJeffs. It is available at The other mod is what *I* do not know, though. But I *think* that Smart Beds actually disables whatever the other mod tries to do. If I'm right, these two can not be used together at all.
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#19 24-01-2014 
I'm very sorry on bioth counts: I didn't see your response. The forum behaves a little strangely on my computer: just now I had to leave the thread and come back to it before I could get the quick reply to function.

Thank you for the information, in spite of my piggybacking.

#20 24-01-2014 
It's ok, ritaxis. I don't mind the piggybacking much. It's just that usually it's easier to keep it separated, unless multiple people have similar issues with the same mod. Big Grin


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