The ultimate in MLP/Dr Who cross-overs!
#1 10-02-2014 
MLP is My Little Pony. A Huge fandom. But what better to deal with them than these.... MY LITTLE DALEK!!!!

[Image: my_little_dalek_by_country_geek_crochet-d74ksse.jpg]

Found on Deviant Art at http://country-geek-crochet.deviantart.c...-430952126
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#2 10-02-2014 
OMG I have to have them Big Grin
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#3 10-02-2014 
Sweet. My daughter loves MLP, and she was asking about the good Dr just this afternoon. Mwa-ha-ha-haaaa Wink
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#4 10-02-2014 
In other news - I found a Ravelry link to a free Crochet pattern for a Dalek!! Big Grin


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