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#1 16-02-2014 
(Nervous cough Shy ) Let's make it official
I'm Oeselian but you also can call me Laura.I first started playing Sims 2 January '10.I Know it's later than most of you here.But when I opened my game I was enchanted by the sims magic.Knowing myself being easily bored person,it's quite spectacular that this spell still last and doesn't seem to be broken in future.
Making the sims themselves is a therapy itself,i enjoy making every making detail of a simmie exactly right.With sims i can face and personalize character and stories in my head.
Building and placing furniture is somewhat positively frustrating,after placing one piece of furniture and suddenly need for another rises.Therefore hours lasting cc-hunt.But that all the fun,isn't?
My game style is Ultra realistic/semi-MM
Leefish is so friendly site filled with very warm people,i'm looking forward to contribute
Little PS:I recently pick up object making skill and i might dare to upload my humble offerings here.So don't be too harsh on them.I'm still beginner.
(apologizing for grammar,first language is estonian)
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#2 16-02-2014 
Hello Laura, welcome to Leefish Big Grin
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Hi Laura. Welcome. Smile

#4 16-02-2014 
Hi Laura! Welcome to Leefish Officially. Big Grin

#5 16-02-2014 
Hi Laura, nice to meet you and welcome to Leefish! And to me, it sounds like you are a senior at TS2, I only bought it last summer Big Grin

#6 16-02-2014 
hi and welcome to leefish. If you want any advice / help feedback on your objects you can post in our work in progress area. We have some not-bad modders on here Tongue

#7 17-02-2014 
wave G'Day Laura, welcome to Leefish.

#8 17-02-2014 
Hi and welcome! This is a great pond to swim around it Big Grin
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#9 17-02-2014 
Welcome Laura!

#10 17-02-2014 
Welcome to Leefish, Laura Big Grin


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