Door Keeps Crashing Game
#1 20-02-2014 
I don't know what I'm doing, and I figure this is the best place to come to for advice. I've slaved objects before and I've made doors before, but I've never slaved a door before. I could be doing something wrong. I'm including the broken file that keeps crashing my game for someone to dig through it in simPE and tell me what I can do to fix it.

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#2 21-02-2014 
You're missing the subset name in one of the GMNDs in the diagonal. Nice idea for doors, do you plan on fixing the mapping and stretching of the mesh?

#3 21-02-2014 
Moved to modding help. I have not downloaded the file (PC issues = no sims) but Lunie is right. If you are going to release it the mesh and mapping should be the best you can do.

#4 22-02-2014 
Can you slave it and fix the mapping? Nevermind, a light bulb just went off. The mapping doesn't HAVE to be a texture. And in my defense, I had no way to see in game there was an issue with mapping and meshing because it crashed. Got it figured out, thanks ladies. here's the finished product. Thank you both so much -
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#5 22-02-2014 
Indeed Jon, but you use Milkshape right? You can see the mapped model in milkshape. Or Blender. You dont NEED to be able to see the model in game to get the basic mapping done.

#6 22-02-2014 
Oh I never worked that out in Milkshape and Blender I'm really a novice at that. I'm more comfortable with UV mapper. I found out the problem was more a mesh problem than a mapping problem. I was adding things to the original dresser.


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