XML page?
#1 23-02-2014 
Hi Lee, maybe XML pages for Facebook RSS work..but I don't know if XML page is refreshed automatically or not.
I have followed a tutorial on the web, but I see only feed of test that I have created :/
and where I add link to other sites webs/facebook pages?

#2 23-02-2014 
Not sure Deb - can you link to the tutorial?

#3 23-02-2014 
Maybe I have resolved with YQL. Before I convert facebook links to xml and then I add xml link to rss plugin of mybb.

Only yahoo has a limit (2.000 calls / hour). I don't know what happens if I do 2001 calls / hour..I have many links of companies Sad

Anyway with this little work, I have post status from facebook pages..it isn't perfect, but better than nothing Big Grin in the meantime I will continue to look for new solutions.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkjD3D5FgmE Rofl


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