To approve threads of normal users without approvation by mods
#1 27-02-2014 
Hi Lee, how can I allow to some user (normal member) of to post in a forum with moderation?

For example in forum ID 1 I have moderation activated, so only supermods, mods and admins can post and thread is just visible.
Normal members no, because before a mod must approvate it and only after thread is visible.

I tried with permissions but doesn't work Sad

Thank you

#2 27-02-2014 
well, its why I have the upload forum on leefish. I give people moderation powers on ONLY their own threads and then they are allowed to hit a button which moves it to the members uploads. This gets round the moderation issue in the actual members downloads.

Or try this:

#3 27-02-2014 
Thank you but doesn't work Sad I don't know if is good add these users as mods on my forum :/

#4 27-02-2014 
well, is why I have this setup. People are moderators of their own threads - nobody elses.


Sorry, that is a members only option