Flowers for Lee - Help Needed
#1 27-02-2014 
[Image: 54600_140227170031ScreenShot061.jpg]

It's working Lee!!!!! Thank you for being so awesome and helping me with everything. Its wonderful to have people like you helping out newbies patiently, so a big, big thank you Smile
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#2 27-02-2014 
Looking great! I've always thought those were ridiculously small.

#3 28-02-2014 
Aww shucks. I did not really DO anything though.

#4 03-03-2014 
Pooh, I was trying to make some recolours of these, but something is going wrong. I will give you a story in pictures:
What I have done is edit the IKEA mesh to make it bigger so that it covers exactly the width of a wall. I want to make it seamless, because that would be awesome. Like the IKEA mesh, it is one tile and texture size is 256x256.
Recolours on one tile work fine and putting one next to the other doesn't cause any issues:
[Image: 54670_140303071052-ScreenShot071.jpg]

Making seamless borders the size of one tile? Also not a problem:
[Image: 54671_140303071055-ScreenShot070.jpg]

But here it comes: two-tile wallsticker by putting one next to the other? Fugliness!
[Image: 54669_140303071050-ScreenShot069.jpg]

What it looks like is as if one pix border on the right and left are swapped. I first thought that the UVmap somehow would have gotten off-set and shifted one pix, but there are ugly lines on both sides of the elephant. I'm stumped! I could of course put this wonderful image under the header of 'Known Issues' and tell people to buy Freetime if they want a two-tile wallsticker, but I want this mesh to be perfect now Big Grin

Any thoughts?

#5 03-03-2014 
its the same thing as a wall pattern - check the offset - there is a color variation - maybe its the alpha?

#6 16-03-2014 
[Image: 55030_140316054905-ScreenShot144.jpg]

I am a silly goat and now it's time to make some pretty recolours Big Grin


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