Account Settings Update
#1 01-03-2014 
So, after about a year of pondering I have finally made a start on the account settings layout. You can see the new layout by clicking on your avatar in the header. Not all the subsequent pages are complete, but I am working on it.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#2 01-03-2014 
Looks good! Smile
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#3 01-03-2014 
Ooh! YES. WAY easier to read than the old layout. I love it. Big Grin

I hope there will still be an easy way to see our own profile as it looks to others too?

#4 01-03-2014 
Yay! For a long time, I have been looking everywhere for an entry into the uploads statistics, believing that they had been removed. Now they're at least visible enough that I can find them :-P Not that I can see the charts (no flash on an iPad) ,but there's enough to learn without the charts Smile

#5 02-03-2014 
@fanseelamb , yes, at the moment you can access the public profile view by clicking the eye icon in the Edit Your Profile "box" - same for PMs - fast link to write a PM is the little pencil. In addtion, as before, you can access a members profile by clicking on their name in a post. I will also add a PROMINENT view public profile button in the Edit Profile "section" . (added)

@BoilingOil - aww no. We all look at our stats - I cant take those away - in addition to this link from account settings there SHOULD be a link in the header as well - looks like a strange little blob Tongue ? Next to the envelope? That has been there for the last year.

#6 02-03-2014 
Yeah, well I never knew that, @leefish . And believe me I've been looking for it. I seriously thought you had gotten rid of it without mention. But now it was finally clear that it's still there. So yay for the new Account Settings page Big Grin

Hey, by "strange little blob next to the envelope" you don't mean that little thing that looks like an old-fashioned speedometer, right? Or do you need your glasses updated? Tongue

#7 02-03-2014 
lol yup - its meant to be like a gauge from a dashboard Big Grin

#8 02-03-2014 
Which is exactly what it looks like, too, from my perspective Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option