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My first sims 2 upload: A sports center for your sims.

The facilities include a swimming pool, football field, axe-trowing, basketball, a small gym, toilets/bathroom, a place to relax, have a drink or a snack and play some dart on he first floor above the gym. there are two barbecues and some tables to eat form, as well as a chess board to train the mind as well as the body.

There is an option to use the first floor above the bathrooms too, if you wish to add something for your simmies.

the lot has been tested in game, and all works as it should.

CC included: Marvins ladder ( from what I can see, and understand, its okay to include that one. if i am mistaken, kindly tell me so, and i will remove it from the package. )
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Sport center Screenshot Sport center Screenshot Sport center Screenshot Sport center Screenshot      
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#2 04-03-2014
Thank you for uploading the lot. I think - to be honest - that your pictures really are not doing it justice. A bit of terrain paint would help too.

I do suggest - to encourage downloads - that you consider redoing the pictures. Take a look at some of the lot uploads from Karen - those really do show off her lots.

Why not post in Work in Progress and see if the leefishers can help you?

#3 04-03-2014
I agree with Lee.

I am always happy to help with lot building and advice.

#4 04-03-2014
Congratulations on your first upload Big Grin Lee and Karen are great at making people become better creators, so yeah, posting in Work in Progress sounds like a good plan Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option