Problem of object positioning...
#1 05-03-2014 
Hi fishes! Smile

I'm encountering a problem in The Sims 2, and am hoping someone will manage to help me. So, actually, when I try to place an object on the ground in a certain position, it changes of orientation just at the moment of clicking to put it. In a way, it wouldn't be such a problem, but the fact is that when you rotate the object to have it at a 45° angle, that object immediately turns when you put it on the ground. So, impossible to have such positioning.

I don't know what to do. What's more, I tried to search for that issue on the net, but found nothing similar, so it's like I'm the only one to whom it's happening.

LeeFish and KarenLorraine gave me a few ideas and lead me to some elements to search for, yesterday, but nothing worked. I had another thing to do, which I did a few minutes ago: removing the custom content. But the problem is still there. So I think I have explored everything possible and I'm a bit desperate. Undecided

If anyone has an idea... Tongue

Thank you very much!

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#2 05-03-2014 
Do you have a user startup file with cheats in? If so, try to remove that.

#3 05-03-2014 
No, I don't have such a file.

#4 05-03-2014 
Just at the 45 degree angles? I have the same problem sometimes. I just have to try a couple times and hold the mouse button an extra second and it eventually stays where I want it.

#5 05-03-2014 
I've had such stuff happen when there was a hair on the lens of my optical mouse. And also when a mouse got old and rickety... So I would suggest cleaning the mouse, or replacing it completely just to make sure...

Would be silly if you went a week chasing all kinds of software problems and it turned out to be something that simple, wouldn't it? Tongue

#6 05-03-2014 
Hi JustJones and BoilingOil, I think I will try with another mouse tomorrow. What's strange is that the mouse works nicely anywhere else. But it might still be that... I'll keep you informed. Smile

#7 06-03-2014 
I found this thread, Poisson.​chive/i...87750.html
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#8 06-03-2014 
This is the thread that Karen means

For some reason - some of the URL's are getting a "%E2%80%8B" plopped into the middle of it. I pulled that out, and put the resulting link up above, which also for no reason that I can explain - now works.

#9 06-03-2014 
Thank you Karen and Kiri, but I don't understand in that link, "by changing that setting to Middle-Click". I can't find anything about that. I looked in the control panel (then, Peripheral, then, Mouse section), but there is no kind of "middle-click" setting. I don't have anything about "3D Flip" either...

Oh, and, I tried with another mouse, same thing. And it appears that it's only in The Sims 2... O_o

#10 06-03-2014 
For me, it was only in TS2 too. Some programs are more or less sensitive about such stuff. At least now you know that's not it. Smile


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