Problem of object positioning...
#21 13-03-2014 
Hi, bad news: my Sims 2 games bug again now, because of an automatic pilot update of my Nvidia card. Sad

So, I'm here to tell you that I give up with The Sims 2. Anyway, I was doubtful concerning the wired mouse, and even if that had worked, I have now that new problem (for example, impossible to smooth the edges because it's unavailable; and still those graphical issues, blinkings and so on...)

Oh dear, Sad

#22 14-03-2014 
Don't give up, Kiri can probably help you with the graphics issue. Take a look here
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#23 14-03-2014 
Poisson - I can definitely help you with the video card, don't give up just for that.

#24 14-03-2014 
This kind of crap is exactly why disabling auto-updates is the FIRST thing I do, whenever I have installed anything. Whatever it is, *I* decide when something is updated. Not my computer, not my software and not the hard-/soft-ware company. ME only!

#25 18-03-2014 
Hey fishes! Smile

What can I do Kiri?

#26 18-03-2014 
Hey Poisson. Smile

This thread Sims 2 and Graphics Cards - the Fixes has the details.

I'd start first by posting up your <yourpcname>-config-log.txt that you can find in your game folder in the Logs sub-folder, after opening up your game. My guess is that this is probably the texture memory problem catching up with NVidia. Microsoft did an update on their Operating System which relocated the texture memory, so the Sims Game can't find it. It took out Radeon cards last year.

That will tell me what's happening, and what the problem actually is. It will also tell me if the NVidia fix in that thread is ok for you, or if I need to update it.

#27 18-03-2014 
[attachment=1699] Ok. Here it is, but it's written HD Graphics in it, even if it indeed uses my NVidia card.

EDIT: oh, actually, not. I just checked. But, before the update, it used NVidia. Confused And it won't use NVidia even if I ticked to force the use of it.

EDIT 2: ok, have made a few adjustments, it does use Nvidia now.

EDIT 3: but ftw with the updates?! the graphics are back to their best now.

Remains only the object positioning issue.... *poisson wonders if it'll finally be possible to play the Sims 2* Tongue lol

ahem, I will buy a wired mouse tomorrow, well today actually, it's 3am. Tongue will keep you informed.... oh là là Tongue
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#28 18-03-2014 
Oeselian, did you succeed in making the diagonal work?

#29 18-03-2014 

Yup, I did.
Try to put your game in compatibility mode(win 7)

#30 18-03-2014 
Yay for the graphics being back to normal. Yeah, although you're using the NVidia card, you still need to use the Graphics Card for the Intel, because that's the one it's using to make the decisions about the texture quality etc.

I would definitely go with the wired mouse. There isn't the interruption in signal that you would get with the wireless one.

Also with the positioning, is it happening with all objects, or just deco ones, or ones that you place on top of other objects?


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