Problem of object positioning...
#31 18-03-2014 
Oeselian, thank you! My game finally works the way it should!! So, actually, never (Never!) use the Vista compatibility mode! Big Grin

Thank you Kiri and all the LeeFishers as well!

I will now be able to build again and most certainly upload a few things, maybe? ^_^

#32 18-03-2014 
yay so pleased Big Grin

#33 18-03-2014 
You're welcome
Glad,I could help you

#34 18-03-2014 
Yay! So glad you didn't give up Smile
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#35 18-03-2014 
I played The Sims 3 during all that time where I could not properly use TS2 and I truly realized that TS2 is so much more fun to play with. Hope TS4 will come closer to that TS2 gameplay.

So now, back to West Weasels! Loving this nhood! Tongue


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