Please check for comprehension - Graphics Cards Post
#1 11-03-2014 
STEP 1: Have a look at your config-log.txt in the log folder of your game (in the My Documents).
Step 1 Info(Click to View)

STEP 2: Save your old Graphic Rules.sgr.
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STEP 3: Download the graphics rules appropriate for your Video Card.

STEP 4: Install New Graphic Rules and check Game
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What to do if you have Dual Cards?
(courtesy of Lee and Poisson)
Dual Card Info(Click to View)

Windows 8: Black Shadows Box Issue
Black Sim Shadows(Click to View)

Hi folks - please read this and see if it all makes sense.

Also if I need to include more stuff outside the spoilers or not.
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I think that looks solid kiri - we can close the existing thread with a pointer to this one if you like?

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I'm going to delete this post - and make it an official post with it's own title and all. Then we can sticky it and close the old thread.

The other thing that I want to do is have the first 2 posts always with the up to date info, where the 2nd post is how to ask for help when all else fails. I have to write that one yet - but it will be fairly simple.

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Ok, sounds good. Big Grin

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I'm not going to disturb the 'official' thread by burbling through it (just waiting for you to write that second post, first Smile), but I'd like to say: pretty thorough and quite straightforward handy little universal Graphics Card problem solver.

VERY well done, @celebkiriedhel . I am impressed! Wish that *I* had written it...

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Thanks BO! I'm really pleased that it reads so well and will be handy. Big Grin


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