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Hi, obviously new here. About me, let's see. I'm 46 years old, been married forever to an awesome guy, I have four kids, two hamsters, two cats, and a dog. Oh, and a lot of chaos, of course. I've been a domestic goddess/housewife for the past twenty years, devoted to my family completely. I'm still devoted to my family because, let's face it, what else is there in life that matters more? Money? Nope, the people in your life is what makes life worth living. But I'm about to do something that feels very selfish — I'm going back to college after twenty years. TWENTY YEARS since I've been in school. I'm excited, but scared, but excited.

Anyway, my daughter introduced me to Sims, and I fell instantly in love with the way it lets you be creative. I also developed a serious addiction to custom content. I think I need professional help. Is it possible to be a hoarder of custom content files? Cuz I've got like, seriously 10,000 files. No kidding.

The main reason I came to this site is because I'm trying to learn to make tattoos, and My Sims 3 Blog had a link to a tutorial here. A tutorial that I can't seem to find. I'm trying to make some tattoos that are making me crazy. Tattoos are easy, I thought. Tattoos are a good place to start, I thought. No problem. HA! Not true. I just can't get them right. So I ask you, where's a good place to go on this forum to get help for such a thing? Or any forum, for that matter. Everything I'm finding is either not clear, or woefully out of date. Or both. Sigh.

Enough of my whining. It's nice to meet you all, and I look forward to spending some time here. I have to ask though. Is this forum about Sims 2, or Sims 3, or both? Because it seems like what I'm reading here is about Sims 2. It's Sims 3 I'm interested in and I very, very much want to learn to create. I'm hoping I can learn a thing or two here.

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aha - the sims3 tutorial you seek is here. The sims3 blog put a = on the end of the url......


We are mainly sims2 players/modders - though I did create for sims3 a LOOOOONG time go it did not hold my interest. Most of us are hanging about waiting for sims4.

PS : Welcome to leefish Big Grin

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Welcome to Leefish, Lynda.

I'm a sims2 player/modder. I mostly build lots but have just started to learn how to recolour.
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Welcome to you too,LyndaSmile

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Welcome, Lynda.

There's one thing I feel needs to be said. Raising a family is an incredibly powerful way to validate your own existence, but so is bettering yourself. Both are ways to give life meaning. Both are extremely worthy life goals.

Adding to your knowledge base through study is a way to increase your value for yourself, your family and friends, your entire community. Doing so after having been a mother to four children, at an age where most people would say "I've done my bit for king and country", is brave and commendable. There's nothing selfish about it! The selfish people our age would sit down and say "I'm done. Now it's time for me, for hobbies, fun, etc." But YOU say "I'm not done, I can do more!"

POWER TO YOU, Lynda. I'm proud of you!

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Welcome Lynda! I play mostly 2 these days, 3 and my PC do not get along. But even if most of us don't play 3, once you get to a point in your creations where you want feedback, we all still have a good eye for pretties Wink

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Hiya Lynda! Pleased to meet you ! Big Grin
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Welcome to Leefish, Lynda! It's great to have you here. Big Grin I'm a TS2 modder myself, but I know there are some people here who play both and even some who only play TS3, so you're not alone. And like Jones say, all of us are willing to offer feedback if you want. Smile

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Thank you all. At this point I'm very much wanting to learn to create, so that's probably the way I'll be spending my time here. Thank you all for welcoming me and for your kind words. And Leefish, I'm afraid the link doesn't work for me. I'm getting a message that says I don't have permission to access that page.

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Can you try the link again? I just checked it as an alternate usergroup and I see the link.

http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/wiki.php?how-...ttoos.html << that one, not the one from Sims3 Blog


Sorry, that is a members only option