I graduated yesterday
#1 13-03-2014 
As some of you may know, I came out of the shadows of lurkerhood at MTS and a member here because I was a frustrated student who couldn't get her dissertation finished and whose supervisor was a right Pain in the Butt. As of yesterday, that is all DONE and over with Big Grin No more meetings that leave me wanting to throw things out of the window, no more long hours in front of a computer screen, other than sims-related stuff! After 5 and a half years, one BA and two MA's, three different uni's, I'm finally not a student anymore (and it scares me to death...).
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#2 13-03-2014 
Congratulations! I was rooting for you yesterday Big Grin
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#3 13-03-2014 
Yay - does this mean we have to call you doctor now?

#4 13-03-2014 
Thank you both Big Grin
@leefish I wish! I guess I would have to settle for 'Master of Arts', which sounds quite nifty as well. Doctor is the next title on my wishlist Wink Where do I buy myself one of those?

#5 13-03-2014 
Congratulations, Klaartje! Well done! Celebrate

#6 13-03-2014 
Congrats, Klaartje!! Big Grin

#7 13-03-2014 
Justice, finally! Congratz, Klaartje. Van harte geflapstaart.

#8 14-03-2014 
[Image: bliss.gif][Image: bliss.gif][Image: bliss.gif]


(as you can tell I'm kind of excited that this has happened - Oh Master!)

#9 14-03-2014 
YAY! Congrats!

#10 14-03-2014 
Yay!!! WOOT! WOOT! (MA is SOOOO much better than a BM) Rolleyes
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