#1 14-03-2014 
Heya Guys!

I have something new to show you.
It's always bugging me that sims fingers have so little definicion,so to accompany Bloom's toenails I've made 3D fingernail to my simmies
Little pic spawn:
[Image: 13150495125_08ed59de49_o_d.jpg]
[Image: 13150492615_97097b5a37_o_d.jpg]
[Image: 13150598983_1fd9eb3bca_o_d.jpg]
So,worth uploading?
Can You pronounce "veoauto"?

#2 14-03-2014 
Those are looking very cool. How many polys has it added?

#3 14-03-2014 
Considerably less than Bloom's toes Smile
one hand:1222/963(Tenshii-Akari's smooth hands were the base,i edited fingertips to improve edgeflow)
Linky for credits:;
But I think with some fiddling these could be but on block hands too

#4 14-03-2014 
Yea, those look really nice - definitely uploadable.

#5 14-03-2014 
Yeah those look very nice indeed. Are they accessories, or defaults, or what exactly? Forgive me if that's a dumb question, I've just never seen the special toes or smooth hands or whatever other similar things are out there.

#6 14-03-2014 
Not at all Fansee.i wasn't clear enough
These are part of the body mesh(apparently downside is the fact that they requires texture adding of the skin)like sexy feet
I tried to do the as acc but outcome was bad
Although can make nail plate as acc(some interesting possibilities-like sheerness) but modified fingertips are still part of the body mesh
But wouldn't this over-complicate things?

#7 14-03-2014 
Ah, I see. So you'll need to make a whole bunch of clothes that have these fingernails on them... and possibly new skintones too. Sounds like a big project. Big Grin

Instead of making a new skintone, have you tried making semi-transparent markings where the nails are on the clothing file? Like... make the fingernail area on the alpha dark grey so your details are semi transparent. Then on the texture, make the white part of the nails white, and the dark parts dark. Just use white and black on the texture so it works on any skin colour, and use the semi-transparency of the alpha to make it look like faint details on the skin. Here let me draw some lame pics to explain what I mean.....

[Image: e48GMLQ.gif]

[Image: f1hG6QP.gif]

Do you get what I mean?

For nail polish there are actually some coloured fingernail accessories available here. I use the short black nails on one of my sims and I like them a lot. It's possible they would fit over your new nails as a "nail polish" mesh. Sheerness should definitely be possible on the long mesh since it's alpha-editable.

#8 14-03-2014 
I know what you mean,made claws this way for my werewolf once
Well i did some further editing but let the pic tell the thousand words
[Image: 13155640703_3f1e43a7b0_o_d.png]
I've tweaked nail bed,so my nail plates can be alpha editable
here's my nail bed with shadylady mesh(red lines) - one you linked?
[Image: 13155895884_8d173c3afb_o_d.png]
I can create something similar,editable lengthwise
Btw: my original idea was create natural looking 3d ridge for nails(especially for males)
Edit: what if i put up two versions?
a) acc version: bed/ridge in body mesh + plate in acc(alpha editable) - any nail mesh?
b) body mesh version: recolorable via clothing(alpha editable) or skintone
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#9 15-03-2014 
Hmm, I guess you should make it whichever way seems simplest to you. The trouble with it being a clothing mesh is you'll need to make a whole lot of new clothes in order to give all your sims these nails (different outfits for different sims plus something in each clothing category). Option "a" still involves doing that, so there's not much advantage to making the nail part an accessory unless that's the best way to make it match different skintones (or if you want to do different nail polish recolours.) Of course it would also be more annoying to have to put the nail accessory on all your sims in game, so you gotta figure out which way is simplest in the long run.

#10 16-03-2014 
Perhaps uploading them as creator resources(.5gd file and UV template) will be easiest route? So everyone can do what they want with these.


Sorry, that is a members only option