• Free samples in The Sims 2!?
  • Creator: noiredeb
a moment ago I was in The Sims 2 and organized a wedding party for my sim. He married the girl he met during college.

Invited the guests (and even his girlfriend, future wife, she was still a young adult) and prepare everything.

At a certain point I get a notice from his future wife, who says:

Quote:Oh, hello James! You seems a person rather intuitive. I'm developing a new product and I'm interested in your comments. I'll leave you a free sample that you can use as you wish.

A free sample also in The sims?? And where I can use this product? Huh

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#2 24-03-2014
lol Deb that is so funny! I have never had a free sample.

#3 24-03-2014
You can get free meal coupons as well Big Grin To spend at the restaurant of your choice.

#4 24-03-2014
Hahaha Deb, that's awesome. Yes look in your sim's inventory and the item will be there. You can then place it in the game and use it.


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