• I want a painting by an elephant!
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Not so much funny, but no category really fit Wink Just awesome. Elephants are cool.

#2 25-03-2014
My mind is blown. That was freakin' incredible!

#3 25-03-2014
...wow. Just wow. Heart

#4 25-03-2014
If I heard it right, that cutie is only two months old! It already drew a more believable elephant than I've ever been able to. A born artist.

Impressive, endearing, and adorable are some of the words that occur to me.

#5 25-03-2014
Cool video Big Grin
also if I have read first comment below the video "Sweet, yet sad" Sad maybe she has right.

However, it remains a nice thing Smile

#6 25-03-2014
Indeed I had tears in my eyes. But I am sure the elephant is very well treated as it will be a goldmine for people to pay to watch it painting.

EDIT: And wasn't it awesome how it handled the paintbrush so delicately Big Grin

#7 25-03-2014
Yeah, and so awesome how carefully and slowly it made sure it was lined up where it needed to be before it touched the brush to the canvas. I also thought it seemed a bit proud of itself (and rightfully so). When it was waiting for more paint in between it would kind of turn to the crowd with a "Look what I can do!"

#8 25-03-2014
Yeah, a true talent. I noticed it too, how carefully it aligned the brush with the lines already on the canvas. Slowly, but extremely accurate. Suda (I think that's its name) has the right to be proud of her skill. Big Grin

#9 25-03-2014
We saw a movie just last week that had elephants painting, it was rather interesting and very clever.


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