Hi. *shifty eyes*
#1 28-03-2014 
I'm new.

I'm known as Nama on the net (it's a very shortened version of my real first and middle name). I'm in the very tail end of my 20's (just had a birthday last Monday), practically married, and the mom of a Terrible Twoer-going-on-Terrible Three-er. I dabble in just about everything, from drawing to web design, and I have a passion for creative expression through those channels.

About 10 years ago, my cousin introduced me to The Sims 2. Since then, I've been hooked, and I also play Sims 3. I have a simblr, and I post pictures and gameplay. My husband never understood my obsession with the Sims, but it's okay because I will never understand his fascination with Minecraft. Tongue

I came here in a desperate search for an issue that has plagued my one-week-old laptop with Sims 2. I learned how water is SUPPOSED to look in that game, but I have one more grating problem and I've been googling it for the past week with no results. So I came here by accident, so to speak, but I'm noticing a very calm environment yall have. And that's cool and enough to take me out of lurk mode.

Aaaand...that's it!
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Stay classy.

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Welcome, Nama, great to meet you.
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wave G'Day Nama, happy belated birthday, welcome to Leefish.

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Welcome to Leefish, Nama! Great to meet you! Big Grin And happy belated birthday! Flower .
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Welcome to the club, Nama! Big Grin

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Hey Nama,nice to meet you! Smile

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Welcome Nama! Smile

#8 28-03-2014 
Welcome, Nama!

#9 28-03-2014 
Hello again, I hope you and kiri can get the graphics card sorted so you can play Sims2 Big Grin

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Welcome! And happy belated birthday Smile


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