Mothering Sunday - UK
#1 30-03-2014 
This morning neither of my children (who are still at home) wished me Happy Mother's Day, so I felt a little sad. No cards or little presents either. I went off to church and was greeted in the foyer by a lady handing out buttonholes and little heart badges (one for each lady regardless whether they are a mother or not), this is a tradition in our church. Today's service was a family service - all the children, bar the smallest and tiny ones stayed in, was a good service with lots of child participation. When the service had finished Jonathan rushed over to me to tell me not to move and to tell the lady on the end of the row not to let me move either! I did move because that's what I like to do! A little while later I was presented with a basket filled with decorated cupcakes. He didn't make them; one of the girls at church did, but he'd paid her to do it (she has a little business selling cupcakes). I was very touched (picture below).

[Image: 55386_140330141001cupcakes.jpg]

After church we had arranged to meet my mum and brother at a local restaurant for lunch. So I waited and waited. Finally my brother rings to tell me they are on their way. Whilst answering my phone I noticed a text that my middle daughter had sent me, apologising for not wishing me Happy Mother's Day before she left, she has something for me for later (still waiting for her to return from work). I've also had a phone call from my eldest. So from a disappointing start to today to a very happy mummy at the end of the day. It's not the gifts but it's the remembering that makes me happy. Gifts are nice of course, in case they read this Tongue
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#2 30-03-2014 
I love the Sims cupcake! Big Grin

#3 30-03-2014 
Awww, that is lovely Karen, how sweet of Jonathan, and yes the Sims cake is a really nice touch. I hope the day continues to go well Smile

#4 30-03-2014 
Sweet cupcake Big Grin Enjoy!
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#5 30-03-2014 
Benefits of having the UK mothersday before ours: stealing other people's ideas Big Grin Now I just have to make my mum a Sims-fan...


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