Do advanced extraterrestrials play The Sims with us?
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Hi, good morning! Big Grin

I haven't slept all night, this night (I'm sometimes prone to insomnia), but at the end of it, I'm still awake enough to ask myself those pretty weird questions! lol! Big Grin

I believe I've heard saying, the other time that there are a few philosophers among you all, so here is a bit of reading and video viewing. Wink

Tell me what you think about that. Even if this isn't scientific at all, the question as it's been asked might remain interesting, especially if you're into metaphysics.


The matrix hypothesis (one website):


The simulation argument (one Wikipedia article, two documents from Nick Bostrom):

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I do not say that they do, but: I *will* say that I think it's *possible* to imagine that they might!
I mean: if we can accept a God having created us (which many of us do, but I personally find hard to believe) - JUST LIKE we create sims in CAS - then why would it not be reasonable to believe that this God might be one of millions of players who are each creating their own games at their leisure. Expand that, and our reality would just be God's Sims game. And God would simply be an advanced kind of extra-terrestrial, right?

The pitfall here is that suddenly, our universe isn't all that special anymore if you start thinking that way. Already, even if our universe is some unique, meaningful, wondrous event, then we ourselves, each being a minute person on a minute planet in a minute solar system in a minute galaxy in a minute local cluster in a minute cloud in a minute universe in a minute cosmos in an immense multiverse, we are already not all that special anymore. But if this whole existence then is even reduced to a game too... Then life becomes unbearable torture. I can't live that way. So THAT is why I don't definitely believe in such a possibility, although I admit that it could be.

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Hi BoilingOil, I also find this possibility really frightening, and in the end, unlikely to *be*. However, it could remain questionable.

Anyway, and even if I'm more someone agnostic, I think that a universe (or multiverse, or anything) that would have arisen from nothing for no reason etc. is unbearable to me. I mean if there isn't any goal or some meaning, so, the humanity has great responsabilities and as a consequence, we most certainly don't measure them as they should be, and finally, it's scary as well.

Don't know if I express myself correctly enough in that subject... Tongue :/

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I believe you're perfectly clear, poisson. Being an Agnostic myself, I have wrestled with such questions too. In fact, those questions came first, being an Agnostic followed from what answers I found.

But to be honest, to know that there will eventually be a conclusion to life, that I will not need to worry about getting eternally bored, or confused by a world that keeps changing around me, is comforting. And not to know whether there will be some immertal higher being who might come to judge me for failure to comply to laws that I may not even fully comprehend... Well, I believe that this is better than to know for certain.

After all, if we assume that such a being exists, we must also assume that they are much different from us, because they were able to create us. They would truly be much more powerful, and therefor have much different laws which we have no way of fully understanding. Knowing that you'll be judged while you have no idea what is asked of you... that's the definition of FRIGHTENING.
But knowing that there is nothing at all, that this life is totally meaningless because you will soon be gone forever, having achieved nothing in the grand scheme... well that's just extremely depressing!
So not knowing one way or the other, and allowing yourself to be surprised by what may or may not come... yeah, I can live with that! Because that's what life is about anyway Big Grin

At least, that's how I look at it.

#5 20-11-2014 
On, they talked about it in a more comic way by relaying a funny video. It's in French, so if you understand it, it's really funny! Smile (there's an ad before the video begins, --')


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