April 2014 - TO-DO Lists
#1 04-04-2014 
In an attempt to get the to-do lists decreasing at all, and also to get my butt into finishing stuff. I am putting this thread here. It is your permission to chase me up on them, and also to put your to-do lists here, and get chased up!

Rules for me. Things on previous month's list that were not finished must go on this list. Up to 10 things on this list. No new items can be added unless something else has already been finished. No sneaky doing things not on the list!

1. Tiny Lots Challenge at N99... The Tiny Tulips Set. Also some Community, Business and Filler Lots. (Upload somewhere). - in progress.
2. Round 1 Lot in AGS (requires the sorting out of AGS)
3. Round 3 Lot uploaded to MTS--DONE
4. Maisie's Sign (sent to Maisie, so 1st part done. Recolours stick, slight mapping change, now for recolours and ready to go). - in progress
5. Bedding fixes
6. Add-ons for Beddings
7. Tulip Grove Build Set for MTS - Aegean and Rain. - in progress.
8. Round 06 Museum - due 20 April.--DONE
9. Prepare and submit Build-a-house challenge to MTS. - started.
10. Round 5 Lot uploaded to MTS --DONE
11. Round 4 Lot uploaded to MTS
12. Round 2 Lot uploaded to MTS--DONE
13. Secret Scuba!!
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#2 04-04-2014 
What a good idea Kiri, to do one for every month Smile Also, I'm going to copy down your rules to a T, because I like them and I am lazy like that Big Grin

1. Career pack for Elders
2. Career tutorial
3. Sesamestreet recolours for student dorms
4. Round 3 of Karen's contest in AGS for upload --- DONE
5. Shelters for Salesmen - residential and community lots --- DONE
6. IKEA Rugs - recolours
7. Upload dorm and nightclub on leefish --- DONE
8. Round 6: Entry and AGS upload --- DONE
9. Mexican restaurant walls
10. Super Secret Project

Because I finished something I can add:
11. IKEA Desk/Office set
12. Bathroom tile walls
13. UNI majors
14. Secret Scuba
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#3 04-04-2014 
Karen's to do list:

1 Start Round 4 playalong done and finished
2 Start Round 5 playalong done and finished
3 Start Round 6 playalong done and finished
4 Start to investigate and learn how to make matching doors for Tiggy's Metro window
5 Make choir posters for sims
6 Hood
7 Update choir stationery with new logo and web address
8 Update choir membership brochures
9 Start to create posters/flyers for next concert
10 Recolour something done and finished

Apparently if I've done something I can add more in Big Grin
11 Make a bathroom
12 Gift making
13 Finish sign recolours
14 Upload rounds 5 and 6
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#4 04-04-2014 
Fantastic idea! Might add things here also... Big Grin

#5 05-04-2014 
Oooo Please do Poisson! Smile

#6 07-04-2014 
So, I finished off the easy stuff... What's left is the long and difficult projects, whoops...


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