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Round 2 - Adorno: Nightclub
Are you looking for a nightclub that has to offer more than just drinking and dancing? Then the Adorno is just right for you! At first glance you might suspect that The Adorno has nothing more to offer than your average commodified nightclub experience, but look again! The pink wall might lure you in with its flashy dancer-wallpaper, but in fact, the dancers are performing a modern dance routine with a radical statement.Upstairs is where the real fun is happening. Yeah, the books on the walls, they are fake, but hey, at least you can spend evenings debating with your mates what the hidden philosophical meaning behind that one is! If you look closely, you will even find that Bare Blush has made an appearance again, being the mascotte of Distant Brooks University.

We hope you enjoy your night out at the Adorno! And remember, the best nights are those when you walk home together with the newspaper boy.

Drinks bar
Coffee bar
Statue garden
Outside seating area
Roof terrace
Separate men and women's restrooms

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 103,585

Custom Content by Me (all included):
- Bookshelves in Grey
- Partying People in Pink - Left
- Partying People in Pink - Middle
- Partying People in Pink - Right

Additional Credits:
Karen Lorraine for the shell of this building. It is my entry for round 2 of the Campus Constructors Contest.
Thanks to Joandsarah and CatherineTCJD for being awesome judges and improving my building skills.
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You may do whatever you want as long as you credit me with a link and don't make any money from it.
Please do not convert anything from TS2 to TS3 because I might want to do that myself some time.

Adorno - Nightclub Screenshot Adorno - Nightclub Screenshot Adorno - Nightclub Screenshot Adorno - Nightclub Screenshot Adorno - Nightclub Screenshot Adorno - Nightclub Screenshot    
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#5 07-04-2014
Ooh I love it! Will sims actually use the dance floor when the dj booth is up on a platform like that? I always thought they'd only dance on the same level as the music source.

#6 07-04-2014
I would LOVE that, Klaartje <3
Otherwise I'll have to keep flipping screens back to MTS while I'm trying to build...

I do like the added water feature on the far right in this one - but that's easy enough to add, even with the patio extended out a block. Thanksies!

#7 08-04-2014
Woot thanks Big Grin

#8 09-04-2014
@CatherineTCJD I have added the contest-version to this thread Smile

Ah, maybe I should add that this is built with all EPs and SPs, except for store edition and the Happy Holiday Pack (or whatever it's called...).


Sorry, that is a members only option