Hello everyone
#1 10-04-2014 
I found this site while searching for a solution on my Sims 2 resolution problems, and @celebkiriedhel came to my rescue (thanks again!). This is by far one of the friendlier fishponds I've been in, so I think I'll swim around a while. Wink

I love gaming and play quite a lot (too much, some might say). My favorite games are too many to list, but of course they include TS2. Big Grin Usually I lean towards RPGs or strategy games, but I also loved games like Portal or Minecraft and the occasional shooter (I'm horrible at shooters).

Anyway, after a long involuntary break I have returned to Sims 2 with a vengeance. I sometimes used to set up new towns and try out concept families and I might do that again, but mostly I expect to stick to my main town with seven families that I've been playing for four generations (gen five coming soon ^_^).

Apart from that I read a lot and write a bit. I try to balance out my sedentary hobbies (not to mention sedentary job) with bicycling. The area around here is really good for that, plus the weather is getting nicer and nicer with every passing day.

See you around!
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#2 10-04-2014 
Welcome to Leefish, WickerBag. Great to meet you.
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#3 10-04-2014 
Welcome! Enjoy your swim Smile
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#4 10-04-2014 
Welcome WBag! Smile

#5 10-04-2014 
Welcome, we are a bit quiet (fishes are generally shy) but always ready to welcome new fish.

So welcome to leefish Big Grin

#6 11-04-2014 
Welcome, WickerBag! Nice to meet you! Big Grin This really is a nice, friendly little pond, there are no piranhas or morays or anything like that swimming around. Smile

#7 11-04-2014 
Hello and welcome!

#8 12-04-2014 
wave G'Day WickerBag, welcome to Leefish.

#9 12-04-2014 
Welcome WickerBag Smile

#10 13-04-2014 
Welcome to Leefish Big Grin It's nice to have some more readers around here, have you checked out the Book Reviews yet? I love knowing what other people are reading Smile


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