Plastic windows
#1 13-04-2014 
Hey I've been working on plastic window set.So far everything is going well.Haven't textured it yet tho,anyone interested?
[Image: 13827909174_3613da60c0_o_d.jpg]
[Image: 13827903394_ff6f80d17c_o_d.jpg]
BTW: Plan is add stand-alone slotted windowsill in the niche under the window
But now i encounter a problem,when i zoom out this happens:
[Image: 13827545775_f90ff7ddc1_o_d.jpg]
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#2 13-04-2014 
That issue is the cutout. How did you import the wallmask?

#3 13-04-2014 
Build DXT with 9 mipmaps, DXT3 format

#4 13-04-2014 
I like the shape of it! 'Us Europeans' have a lot of windows like that, which can only open partly. I cannot help you with the technical bits, only with an opinion, sorry Sad Will they be counter-height too? /me looks hopeful

#5 13-04-2014 
In fact they're counter heightSmile

#6 13-04-2014 
I'm with Klaartje on this, they're lovely.
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#7 13-04-2014 
Awesome Big Grin I wasn't sure because of the wallpaper. There always seems to be a certain lack of counter-height windows, methinks!

#8 13-04-2014 
try on the windows rather than importing mipmaps doing an update all sizes on the wallmask only, not on the texture files. Are you doing them with two subsets? Inside and out as different colors?

#9 13-04-2014 
no,they are in single texture,do you ask because different colour in screenie?
That's probably from indoor lighting

Edit:Oh,Lee you awesome fish.I'm über idiot,would not come to it by myself

#10 13-04-2014 
Yea, cos if you give them two subsets then the inside colour can be say white - and the outside woodgrain. Things like that.


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