Challenge- April 2014 - Decorating - Bathrooms!!
#1 15-04-2014 
Bathrooms are the pants. Hard to make interesting... So here's the challenge! Make an Interesting bathroom!

No idea on how to even start? Try this tutorial by the RealPollyMogs - Romancing the Throne

Note: I rescued RealPollyMogs tutorials from the Sims 2 EA site before it was closed down. As such - although it looks like the Exchange, it's not and clicking on things that are not the tutorial, will only get you 404 page not found errors.

OK. The Challenge.

1. Either make a 4x4 or greater room on a new lot, or use a bathroom that is at least 3x3 on an existing lot.
2. Pick a sim you are making it for - can be a Maxis Sim (Bob and Betty Newbie, etc) or someone who already lives there, or who you want to live there.
3. Make them a bathroom that is interesting to look at, and makes the sim happy! Big Grin
4. Share the Pictures! Big Grin

Don't want to make a bathroom? You can join in still - Show us pictures of interesting bathrooms from Real life, or your game, or someone else's game! Big Grin

Yes you can make as many bathrooms as you like. There are no limit to the joys of bathrooms! Big Grin
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#2 15-04-2014 
Looking forward to having a go at this challenge later in the week Big Grin
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#3 15-04-2014 
Bathroom Ideas from Google:

Sci-Fi Bathroom setup!
[Image: Bath01.jpg]

Or why not a shiny red sauna?
[Image: Bath02.jpg]

Kids can have a beautiful bathroom too!
[Image: Bath03.jpg]

Seriously, A Bathroom that has its own garden? Amazing!
[Image: Bath04.jpg]

For the Pink-o-philes Big Grin
[Image: Bath05.jpg]

#4 15-04-2014 
love that spa idea one Big Grin Ooh must think out of the box!
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#5 15-04-2014 
Oh dear, your inspiration pictures are making me want to learn how to mesh! Can I have an extra slot on my to-do-list for your bathroom challenge?
The PollyMogs tutorial is awesome, I would recommend reading it to everyone, even if you don't like challenges! Big Grin

#6 15-04-2014 
What a great idea! I accept! He, he, heeee this is gonna be fun Smile
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#7 15-04-2014 
That bathroom with a garden access (and not *any* garden!) is simply over-gorgeous! :O

#8 15-04-2014 
You know I hate bathroom pics....but will probably still accept the challenge Tongue

So it can't be bigger than 4x4? Cause some of those inspiration pics (particularly the sauna) would be impossible with a 4x4.
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#9 16-04-2014 
Absolutely Jones! It can be as big as you like - what it can't be, is small. Big Grin

#10 16-04-2014 
Oh, good. I could have done 4x4, but I can do way better with bigger Smile Are we limited to one?


Sorry, that is a members only option