Secret Scuba
#1 15-04-2014 
It is a well-known secret that fishies living in the deep ocean form a school by giving each other small gifts made from anything they have found hiding in the dark waters. Gift-giving and sharing makes their bond stronger which protects them from hunting sharks. Now is your chance to participate in this tradition and start diving for some gifts!

This May, is proud to organize its very first Secret Scuba! Participants will receive the name of a fellow participant for whom they will create a gift. In addition to that, each participant will receive a special participation prize! Gifts can be anything you want and don’t have to be big! This is all meant to be fun. Think of walls, floors, recolours or even lots and sims.

How to enter
Reply to this thread and please include the following information:
- Which game you play and what EPs and SPs you have
- A small wishlist of items or a particular theme that would make you happy

The process
Please apply before Sunday 27 April Tuesday 22 April (GMT). On Tuesday, I will send each participant the name of the person they will create the gift for, plus their wishlist. Please finish your gift no later than 18 May, this will give you three weeks to make something. I will distribute the participation prize after the 18th.

Sharing your gifts
We ask you to privately share your gift with the recipient first before sharing it publicly. Upload your zip-file to a file-sharing host such as Mediafire, Box, Modyourpanties or Kiri’s server (instructions to follow). Send the URL of the file in a PM to the recipient. Please send a PM to me, so that I can track whether everyone has finished. Gifts are for sharing, so you are encouraged to upload your creations to once the Secret Scuba has finished. Please give your ‘giftee’ some time to open their goodies before you upload Smile

Happy Scuba-Diving!
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#2 15-04-2014 
I want in Smile

I play TS2 all EPs and SPs.
Surprise me, lol. I really don't have a favorite style. Though a lot of you know I like to "repurpose" buildings. I also have a soft spot for shabby chic and fantasy/medieval stuff. And steampunk. Really I'm pretty easy to please Tongue
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#3 16-04-2014 
Yes Please. Big Grin

I have TS2 all EP/SP.

I love recolours for Maxis meshes. And walls and floors. And ethnic sims. And lots that are 2x2. My play hood tends to be 2x2 or smaller. Smile Style wise - I'm pretty easy, I like all styles. The only style I really don't like is what I'd call violent grunge. (Think GoS Grunge with blood).

#4 16-04-2014 
Ok, I am in. All EPS except M&G. I play Maxis Match - my fave creators are HugeLunatic, fanseelamb and shastakiss if you are not sure what MM is. I also like OFB lots that my sims can play in. Usually bought comm lots, they rarely live there (unless they are hairdressers...)

#5 16-04-2014 
Count me in,if I fit
All EP/SP,I like M2F stuffSmile

#6 16-04-2014 
Is M2F stuff Male to Female Oeselian? Or something else?

#7 16-04-2014 
Yup i thought it was obvious,I'm sorry if it's wasn't

#8 16-04-2014 
Oooo, ooo, ooh! Me too! I wanna play too Big Grin

I have all EP/SPs except for H&M. I love peacocks, and old things. I tend to go for the more ornate old things - art nouveau, Baroque, Victorian, and Gothic (real Gothic, not the fake 'bloody' Gothic of today.) I do not need any type of clothing. I build; and don't give a whit about fashion.

I can recolor and build ...and create sims - but they will be realistic, average, every day sims - not beauty queens or fantasized. Wheeee! This is gonna be fun! Big Grin
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#9 16-04-2014 
Yay! 6 (!) entries since I woke up Big Grin Awesome guys, thank you! Just to be sure; the wishlists are of course just a guideline, I want this to be open to everyone and not forcing anyone to learn how to mesh in three weeks Tongue
I was thinking of participating myself too, however, this would mean that I know who will be making my gift, etc. Would anyone have a problem with this? I promise I will do the name-picking randomly, of course Smile

#10 16-04-2014 
Yes please Big Grin

I have all EPs and SPs except Holidays.

I like modern styled furniture and deco, art deco and nouveau and music themed stuff. Because I'm primarily a builder I don't download lots and I don't download sims or fashion either.

I can do basic recolouring and can build most styles of lots.
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