Animated TSM Orrery
#1 18-04-2014 
So I'm working on converting - and animating - the orrery from TSM, and since I know some of you are interested in it *glances at @celebkiriedhel for no apparent reason* I thought I'd show you what I've got so far.

Note that I haven't finished animating everything yet, all the moons are supposed to be animated individually as well. I also haven't done anything about the animation speeds, so (almost) everything is going at the same speed. It won't be like that when it's finished, though. Smile

I've made it on nine tiles and two floors; to me it seemed silly to have something this big be a one-floor thing (even if it meant using nineteen GUIDs for it Tongue). Right now, it starts spinning as soon as you go into live mode, but I plan on making it so you can start and stop it manually as well.
[Image: nixedbuttongreen5.jpg]

#2 18-04-2014 
I could watch this again, and again, and again, and again... It is quite mesmerizing! You are awesome Nix!

#3 18-04-2014 
Wow,that must have take some time and patience to make.It's incredible,Nix Big Grin

#4 18-04-2014 
Wow Nix, amazing!
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#5 18-04-2014 
That is awesome. Big Grin

#6 18-04-2014 
Awesome, Nix!

#7 19-04-2014 
Seriously, seriously cool! Nix you are amazing!

#8 19-04-2014 
That's stunning. It will be so much fun to see. And do the sims interact with it at all?

#9 19-04-2014 
That is just phenomenal. I wish I knew how to do cool stuff like that.

#10 19-04-2014 
Hee, thanks, everybody! Big Grin I won't deny that I am quite proud of it; I know others have tried to animate it before and couldn't pull it off.

Animating something that just goes 'round and 'round isn't difficult per se, but it does require a bit of tinkering to get Milkshape, SimPE and the game to be on the same page. Tongue Thankfully, stuff like changing the anim's direction and speed you can do with BHAVs, you don't have to meddle with the actual animation for that, and that makes this much easier than it would have been otherwise.

@Klaartje, that's exactly why I'm going to make it so you can turn it off. Wink I can just stare at it forever, too (which isn't good when I'm just supposed to check that an anim is running like it should and then get out of there so I can move on to the next one)!

@ritaxis, well, it was cloned from a statue, so Sims can view it, but that's all they can do with it. Now that I think about it, I might change it so that if you have FT, instead of getting enthusiasm for art (or whatever it is), Sims get enthusiasm for science when they view it. Depends on how many layers of BHAVs I have to dig through to do it (and how fed up I am with the thing when I get there). Smile

@leefish, aww, but you can make other cool stuff that I can't! Heart For one thing, I couldn't make a one-tile sliding door if my life depended on it. (I couldn't make any kind of door, or window, if my life depended on it. Pretty sure my game would crash on startup if I ever tried. Tongue)


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