Painting Sizes for Scuba Divers
#1 23-04-2014 
When making your paintings - here are a selection of sizes that you can choose. If a painting isn't listed here, pm me with the name of the one you want and I'll add it. Feel free to request custom paintings as well (but include a link to the mesh).

Uni - 1-tile - Surfing the Universe - 256x436 plus a colour for the pins. (yes it is 436, I double-checked - it's shorter than Football)
Uni - 1-tile - We Call it Football - 256x463 plus a colour for the pins.
BV - 1-tile - Travel Poster - 195x256 plus a colour for the frame
BG - 1-tile - Lady in Red - 256x343 - poster, you can either pick a colour for the frame, or include a piece 256x24 for the frame
BG - 1-tile - Lone Daisy - 128x128 plus you can either pick a colour for the frame, or include a piece 128x20 for the frame.
NL - 1-tile - Pineapple - 390x512 - plus a colour for the things that hold the painting in.
NL - 1-tile - Send to bed without supper - 200x408 - Poster. Frame - 512x36. Pick a colour or include an image
GLS - 1-tile - The Muse - 256x416 - Poster. Frame - 34x152. Pick a colour or include an image.

How to send it to me - is my email (remove the #)
1. Send the picture in png or bmp format. Not jpg because it distorts.
2. When picking a colour - give me the hex number. If you're not sure how to get a hex number for a colour - you can use this site : ColorPicker
3. My naming scheme for the painting names are is deco-art-<meshname>-<creatorid>-<description>
You will need to provide the creatorid and description.
So think up a creator ID. Mine is MAS (which are my initials), yours can be anything you like.
Pick a short name, it can be a sentence, but I will be doing it without spaces, and capitalising the first letter of each word.
4. If you're ok with the original colour of the frame pins or whatever - don't specify a colour, and I'll use the default.

5. Wait for 24 hours.
6. After receiving it, get it in game and make sure it looks like you want. If there's a problem, email me and let me know and we'll fix it.
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