6 Ross Street (Apartment Building)
#1 26-04-2014 
This is an apartment building I've been working on. First built it years ago actually, and I've been spiffing it up to restore some renovations that were lost along the way. Have also been trying to de-bland the exterior while keeping the flat facade and oldish urbanish look, since it's loosely based on a RL building. I think I'm happy with it now, but suggestions on the exterior are welcome. The mailbox will change ofc once it's turned into a proper apartment.

ETA: Just noticed that a lot of the windows are in backwards. Oops. Will have to fix that. Blush

[Image: XxvUdZx.jpg]

[Image: DsqxIY7.jpg]

[Image: KFDqobJ.jpg]

[Image: iqh9xPa.jpg]

[Image: oEw6W3m.jpg]
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#2 26-04-2014 
That is gorgeous, Fansee, keep it as it is.
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#3 26-04-2014 
Very neat! Smile

#4 26-04-2014 
It's lovely of course. No CC? The only "quibble" is the brownstone brick - it is a really nice brick, and is rarely used, but I am unsure if it is the perfect brick. I would be tempted to look at the London Arches brick from shastakiss/curiousB/CycloneSue (very pretty brick) but if you are going no CC then that brick is fine.

I do like the way you used those lampposts - they actually go really well with the building.

#5 26-04-2014 
Authentic! This looks great, I think Wink
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#6 26-04-2014 
Thanks everyone, and thanks for the brick tip, @leefish - I didn't have those.... have downloaded them now and am loading the game to check them out.

Not sure if the link will work, but this is the building that mine is loosely based on. Very loosely, as it turns out.... Rofl ......anyway that's the sort of look I was going for, but making the interior work for me was more important than making the exterior super authentic.

Okay game is loaded. Not sure about the London brick. It's maybe a bit darker and gloomier than I was aiming for. Here's the London brick:

[Image: C6vnfFP.jpg]

And here's the Maxis brick, except this time I changed it to plain brick on the flower boxes... and flipped the windows around the right way. Tongue

[Image: Xlmujit.jpg]

I think the last pic is how I'll keep it.

* fanseelamb changes her mind again and thinks maybe she'll find a brown recolour of that door.....

* fanseelamb changes her mind again and decides to keep the blue door..... after all it adds character.....
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#7 26-04-2014 
I like the maxis brick. Smile

#8 28-04-2014 
Very nice. I wouldn't change a thing. Smile

#9 02-05-2014 
Oh hey, this is now complete. You can see the final pics here and it's up for download on my tumblr. Thanks for all your input. Big Grin


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