Freezer Bunny Plushie
#1 28-04-2014 
I dont know if any of you saw the super cute freezer bunnies on tumblr?

[Image: tumblr_n4mu8y7saS1rpllw9o1_500.jpg]

For those of you with a creative skill - the pattern is on Ravelry.

Also - OMG !!!
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#2 28-04-2014 
lol, love em, ooh and they are crocheted - can I remember how to crochet?
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#3 28-04-2014 
I love to crochet - I may even have some wool to work for this! Big Grin

#4 28-04-2014 
I saw them, and I think they're absolutely adorable. Big Grin And the sheep! Almost makes me want to relearn crocheting. Smile

#5 28-04-2014 
We need a YouTube video - "Kiri does Krochet" Big Grin

#6 28-04-2014 
Seconded. Wink

#7 28-04-2014 
LMAO. It would be very boring. It would mostly be me swearing and talking to myself. Big Grin

#8 28-04-2014 
* fanseelamb thirds the motion for "Kiri does Krochet" Big Grin

Those are so adorable!

#9 02-05-2014 
These are cute indeed,could give them a try too,although I prefer filet-techniqueSmile
Truly hopes not to sound like a egocentric Sad

#10 02-05-2014 
How cute is that. Smile


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