Changing the quality of extracted fruit
#1 29-04-2014 
I have this download in my game: which works great, except the fruit looks bland and rather unappetizing on my shelves plus it's no good for juicing. I took a look at the apple in Simpe, but there are lots of files and I have no idea!

Would anyone know how to change the quality so it becomes tasty? I'm hoping this might be something simple...? if it is I'd really like to do it myself.
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#2 29-04-2014 
When you say its no good for juicing is that the fruit quality? Or does it just not work?

#3 29-04-2014 
The quality, low quality fruit has no juicing properties. It won't help with cold, badges or anything but filling hunger.

#4 29-04-2014 
also, my heavens, using classic jo? My eyes nearly fell out looking at the horror Tongue

#5 29-04-2014 
My more realistic yields mod might give a clue about where to look for the right info. It's not too big to examine, and contains only a few BCONs, one for each fruit/vegetable, I believe. The right info might be in there.

@leefish: I would use classic, too. The new layout is horrible and scares me to death!

#6 29-04-2014 
But classic is so ugly. It looks like it escaped from 1997 (oh did...). The new layout might not be everyone's cup of tea but its far from hideous. You should try bluefish Tongue

#7 29-04-2014 
I am 1997! Easy to use technology and the year I met my husband. Big Grin

I use a bit of both, sometimes I switch to your Bluefish as it's the only one I can stand at all- so thank you for that. I have to wait a month before I can get my new glasses, (because of insurance) so maybe after that I'll see if it looks better.

Thanks BO I'll take a look around your file. So I take it this isn't something known. Seems like every time I post a modding question it is something tricky. I keep hoping for an easy box to tick. Tongue

#8 29-04-2014 
@leefish : I don't see how the new default is any less ugly than the classic theme. But on top of that, I find stuff harder to find in the new layout! Classic worked well when it was the default choice, and some of us are used to it. And remember, for those that have difficulty dealing with changes, anything new is ugly as well. You know me, don't you?

@joandsarah : I guess it's not UNknown, but it's not something that a lot of people deal with, mod-wise. From that point of view, yeah, I think it's not widely known. Easy boxes to tick is neither very EAxis, nor very SimPE, I'm afraid :-)

#9 29-04-2014 
Yea, @jo, it looks like there is a bcon "quality" which is set to 0x0006 . Maybe change that to 0x0064 ?

#10 29-04-2014 
I saw that "quality" when I was looking around the apple file, but of course didn't know if it meant that or something else. I'll give it a go in the morning. Bedtime over here.


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