Where are my posts?
#1 02-05-2014 
Yesterday a new leefisher came into chat asking where the button to find all their posts was. I had a look at profile and had to agree it was a bit hard to find. So - I have updated the profile view with a clear button called all posts on the right side of the MyActivity bar.

If a guest is reading this and you cant see this new button - that is because you are a guest Smile
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#2 02-05-2014 
Very handy, lee, thank you! Is there also a way to see all of our topics? I see my last 5 big and clear, but I'm looking for an old WIP thread of mine that isn't in the last 5....

#3 02-05-2014 
Hmm, yes there should be. I will add that too.

#4 02-05-2014 
Yes, I had to look too when they asked. I'm used to just looking for "colors" to click on, but this is very helpful for those who aren't Smile

#5 02-05-2014 
@fanseelamb Topics added Big Grin

#6 02-05-2014 
Yay, thank you! Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option