#1 03-05-2014 
Hello everyone!

I'm Hannah, and I joined this site because it has some amazing downloads, and because I'm always looking for somewhere to share my Sims obsession Tongue

Currently I'm playing both Sims 3 and Sims 2, but mostly downloading CC for Sims 2. I'm in the middle of populating my own town, and really enjoy decorating houses.

Not really too much else to say, except that I hope to see a lot of you around, and I'm always up for a chat if you're online.

Happy simming!
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#2 03-05-2014 
Great to meet you, Hannah. Welcome to Leefish!

Ps: You can usually find me in chat, whether I'm at work or at home Tongue
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#3 03-05-2014 
Hi Hannah, welcome to the pond! Big Grin
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#4 03-05-2014 
Welcome to Leefish, Hannah! Big Grin You've made a great choice, this is a very nice little pond to swim in. Smile

#5 03-05-2014 
[Image: welcome.gif]

Welcome, Welcome.

#6 03-05-2014 
hallo Hannah Big Grin

#7 03-05-2014 
Hi Hannah, welcome to Leefish Big Grin

#8 03-05-2014 
Thanks everybody Smile

#9 04-05-2014 
wave G'Day Hannah welcome to Leefish

#10 04-05-2014 
Hi Hannah, welcome to Leefish! Hope to see you around in chat sometime Smile


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