Work in Progress - Phoenix Family Makeover.
#11 04-05-2014 
Here you go kiri - a grey YA/Adult/Elder version of the hair. Was simple for me to do since I made that hair in the first place. What I did was copy the Maxis grey texture from the elders and paste it onto the adults... and remove the odd blue tinge that for some reason I hadn't removed before. Big Grin

#12 04-05-2014 
Looking good Kiri! Flower

#13 04-05-2014 
Thanks Fansee - off to take some pictures! Big Grin

Jimmy looks like Jimmy now!!
[Image: PHOENIX-Jimmy-Head-After3.jpg]

Zoe looks older
[Image: PHOENIX-Zoe-Head-After3.jpg]

And the boys are looking good!

[Image: PHOENIX-Matthew-Head-After.jpg]

[Image: PHOENIX-Mark-Head-After.jpg]

[Image: PHOENIX-Luke-Head-After.jpg]

Here is a picture of the family together...

[Image: PHOENIX-Family-After.jpg]

I can't seem to find John!!! Sad
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#14 04-05-2014 
They look good, kiri! I like the wrinkles you used on both of them. They look natural. Smile

#15 04-05-2014 
Thanks Fansee! I really appreciate the hair for Jimmy - he looks like himself now!

#16 05-05-2014 
Hmmm...I'm bothered by Jimmy's facial's just not natural. Men start to go grey in their facial hair first (usually). That's just my personal opinion Wink Other than that they are looking great!

#17 05-05-2014 
It depends Jones. My dad was black in his facial hair, and salt and pepper on his head by the time he was 21. He was silver by 30 - but still had black brows, stubble and beard until he died (59). So it doesn't look wrong to me - but I think that's just how experience goes.

#18 06-05-2014 
They look good, how old are they supposed to be? I hope older than I am as I don't have that many wrinkles! People can be all over the place with wrinkles, grey hair and facial hair. I knew an old lady who still had mostly black hair at 72- and it wasn't died.

#19 06-05-2014 
Hi Jo - they're in their late 40's. The wrinkles are more obvious close up, but fade out when you're at a normal distance - so they're still youngish. The wrinkles are at the weakest level. They've had a very eventful life so no keeping of their youthful looks.


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