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#1 07-05-2014 
@ Lee: HeartDeco (Debra) and I are working on a door, this is my first attempt. I was wondering if you would take a look and let me know if I got it right, please.

The file contains both a straight and diagonal door, they have not been compressed. I know at 6676 the poly count is astronomical but I haven't even tried to do anything about that yet.


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hey Shell

I dont have BV installed, so I will have to do that. Looking at the pictures its fine - have you tested the rotation joints by having a sim walk through it?

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Lee it's base game and yes I've had Sims walking through both the straight and diagonal doors, apart from the Sim that scratches her underarm every time she walks through the door there didn't seem to be any problems. Big Grin

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So it isnt a match for a BV set? Looks smashing. You should do a couple of windows Tongue

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All I wanted was a door to match the BV windows for a screenshot. I have to figure out how to get the poly count down from 6676 before I can think of looking at windows and Debra wants me to do a double door and arches as well.

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Do you want me to have a look at the polycounts? See what I can do?

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If you would like to and you have the time, I would appreciate it. I'd be more than happy if you could just take a quick look at the packages and see if there is any mistakes that jump out at you and send off warning bells, thank you.

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I did another version of the door and cut the poly count down to 4060. What do you think?

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I found the issue with the door - its hard to explain, but you are including the whole mesh twice. I am busy editing it now. I think I can halve the polycount with ZERO loss of complexity/detail.

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Double posting so you will see what I have added

Some comments:
  1. Its a none-solid door - I recommend cloning the mauritania so you get the lightfall, right now no light is generated for the outside at night.
  2. You are doubling the poly count because you are not making a north and south version of the mesh. See pictures - see how on my northdoor only half of the mesh is there? While on yours it is a "full" door. You need to do the same for the frame.
  3. I also saw when opening the door the rotation is off - you need to make sure the rotation point in the cres matches the mesh position.

Advice? Clone the mauritania door, or clone my weknotham door on MTS and make sure the rotation points in the mesh line up with the cloned door.

Attached is the full door with some edits - the rotation joint is not fixed

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.rar  TikiDoor-MESH-Straight-ByMichelle.rar (Size: 310.87 KB / Downloads: 502)

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Thanks Lee I'm heading to bed but will look at it tomorrow. ♥


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