Recolouring Awnings or Fireplaces?
#1 08-05-2014 
I'd like to recolour build mode awnings, but I'm not able to find them in either other section or unknown section of OW. I noticed they aren't in the CEP documentation either. I was going to try my hand at enabling them for CEP, but it would certainly be helpful if I knew of somewhere to begin. Another thing like this that I'd like to do sometime in the future are fireplaces. Also not found in other, unknown, or CEP documentation.
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#2 08-05-2014 
Build mode awnings were never added to Simpe. They work a lot like walls. No idea on fireplaces.

#3 08-05-2014 
I could do a default replacement, but I'd rather it not be default. Wouldn't be fitting with the project I have in mind.

#4 08-05-2014 
Fireplaces are in SimPE.

It is under Other, but you need to know the fireplace names to be able to find them, as they don't have icons that illustrate them.

For example -
Gentrific "Flame-o-rama" Fireplace is just under the Genetically engineered Water lily.

#5 08-05-2014 
Wow thank you Kiri, are fireplaces recolourable? I'd still like to find some sort of way to recolour the awnings though. It could mean modding simPE. The creators of simPE made it so it would be able to mod, I just wouldn't know where to begin on something like that, and I'm afraid I'd just end up blowing it up like a kid in chemistry class. And would it really be worth it to make a plugin just to make awnings cloneable/recolorable?

#6 08-05-2014 
Yeah they are. They have been recolourable since Base game.

Awnings are like walls, fences, etc - they need to be cloned rather than recoloured. I'm pretty sure that you'd need to add something into a script somewhere as well.
Personally? I'd make a fake awning based on a modular column/counter instead, and then mod it to make it walk through.

#7 08-05-2014 
That's an idea. Must've been what people were doing before the EP that introduced them. I want mine to be recoloured from the Apartment Life boxy ones though. I'd have to do some digging I believe in SimPe. Thanks for your brainstorming, will save this project for later.


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