• Instant Slushies
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I totally have to try this.......

#2 08-05-2014
LOL @ the "instant". Since the soda needs to be in the freezer for a few hours... But it is instant after that! And how cool is that? There's 1 brand of rootbeer (Faygo) that I love slushy. Since this is faster than waiting for it to actually get slushy in the freezer, I'm going to have to try this. May take a while since I don't drink soda too often. (So if anyone tries is, let us all know how it works out? Pleaseeeeee?)

I used to have this big, plastic mug that was meant to be kept in the freezer. The idea was that you wouldn't need to put any ice in your drinks. I did though, rebel that I am. Smile Frozen mug + ice + can of pop (or whatever drink) ='ed slushiness in a matter of minutes. That was my favorite mug. I miss it.

#3 09-05-2014
LOL! My mom has one of those mugs...

I gotta say - when I read the title of this post I read it wrong.
I thought it said instant Sushi.
Then I thought, "Oh NOOOOO what happened!" Is everyone OK? Rofl


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