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#1 09-05-2014 
I thought I'd give a go at adding a slot to the grandfather clock because I hadn't seen it anywhere before. And now I know why. No matter what I do with the x value, it's never centered. It's always to the left of the mesh. Could it be a problem with the BHAVs in this clock? I've heard that BHAVs can sometimes affect slot behavoiur.

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#2 10-05-2014 
Hey Jon, it's possible that something in the routing slots or BHAVs is causing your slot to misbehave. I'm not 100% sure about that though. BUT- this has been done and just recently. Hafiseazale has been adding slots to a lot of Maxis objects and she added 2 to the top of the grandfather clock. Smile

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nice work

#4 10-05-2014 
Thanks a lot MLC. Saves me some trouble, and it's a very cool thing to have.


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