#1 15-05-2014 
Hi, my name is Felicity. Am 60 years old and have been playing sims since Sims1. Have got Sims 2 full game and some Sims 3 Xpacks. I have just recently re-installed TS2 onto my new PC (windows 8.1) and am once again addicted to playing the game. I found this site via Celebkiriedhel. Am married for 37 years, have a son and daughter-in-law and within the next two weeks, hubby and I are about to become grandparents for the first time. So exciting times ahead. I am not much of a creator but I used to love building houses in TS2. I say 'used to' as I have now just recently got back into playing again....
Felicity, proud to be a member of LeeFish since May 2014.

#2 15-05-2014 
hello and welcome to Leefish - glad to see you here and any friend of Kiri's is always welcome Big Grin

#3 15-05-2014 
Hi Felicity. Welcome to Leefish Big Grin

#4 15-05-2014 
Hi Felicity! Welcome to Leefish! We can always use more TS3 players around here Big Grin

#5 15-05-2014 
Thank you so much! You all make me feel very welcome indeed!

#6 15-05-2014 
Welcome, Felicity! You'll enjoy this place I'm sure.

#7 15-05-2014 
Welcome to Leefish, I'm the chattabox Big Grin
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#8 15-05-2014 
Hi and welcome! And congrats on the upcoming grandbaby! Big Grin

#9 15-05-2014 
Welcome Felicity Smile

#10 15-05-2014 
Welcome to Leefish, Felicity! Congrats on the imminent grandbaby! Big Grin


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