Hello, my name is Sita and I'm a Simmer
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* Sita stands up. Hello, my name is Sita and I'm a Simmer.
Since Sims 1. Hooked, addicted, whatever.
In RL I am 60, working part time as research assistant and general carer to my family, not in the best of health but then who is?
Currently mostly play Sims 2, and am finding there is still a GREAT deal to learn about it.
Have played and loved Sims 3, but am currently refusing to load it because it annoys me.

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Hi Sita! Smile Welcome here! LeeFishers are warm creatures, you'll see.
Quote:not in the best of health
I understand, being myself in a neither fish* nor fowl condition, in terms of health.

*you can say that again Big Grin

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Welcome, Sita!

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hi and welcome to leefish. We have some very knowledgeable Sims2 players here so feel free to ask a question etc.

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Hi Sita. Welcome among your fellow addicts :-)

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Hiya Sita - welcome to our pond Big Grin
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Hello Sita, welcome to Leefish Big Grin
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Hi Sita! [Image: hi.gif]

I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. Big Grin

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wave G'Day Sita welcome to Leefish.

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Warm welcome from me tooSmile,Sirta


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