Multi-Layerable BV Jewelry FINALLY!
#1 20-05-2014 
I finally got this finished after 2 days of working. I ran into some snags, because as it turns out you can't keep it in the BV jewelry bin and also make it multi-layerable because the values you need to change in BV jewelry bin are the same values you need to change to make it custom. So, I went and made new meshes for each one. Then I made a boo-boo by making them all in bin 0x99999999. I was just used to doing all of my multi layering that way, so I thought that's how it was done. It is how it's done IF you want it be layered with glasses. If you want it to be layered with anything else in that custom bin, you have to make up new numbers. So finally, finally it's done and I'm super excited. It's found here on my site. I'm thinking of doing the male version exclusive to Leefish, but might need a little breather. It's a big project and a lot of work.

[Image: Thumb_zps22326103.jpg]


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